Most people have been and still are being condition into believing that colds and flu, and diseases in general, are caused either by germs and viruses, or by genetic factors, draughts, accidents and/ or falls in childhood etcetera. The common factor in all of these views is the belief that disease is generally caused by factors over which we have no control. In other words, that disease is simply a matter of fate.

There is one huge flaw in this understanding of disease, however, and that is the simple and well-established fact that people who follow a natural lifestyle and diet are known to build up a natural resistance to disease and, as a result, they will seldom fall ill. It is merely a matter of fate that health conscious people are not troubled by the common causes of disease as other people are? Obviously not.
The simple answer is that wise living and eating has
  1. kept their immune systems strong and well able to repel any germ and/ or viral invasion
  2. kept their digestive tracts and systems in general clean and healthy
  3. kept their blood pure and alkaline
  4. kept their bowels functioning effectively and regularly
  5. kept their hormones and body chemistry in balance, etcetera.
In simple terms, their healthy living habits have earned them an accumulation of “wellness” that is well able to keep disease at bay.
A good lifestyle, and “good nutrition [are] essential for normal organ development and functioning, for normal reproduction growth, and maintenance; for optimum activity level and working efficiency; for resistance to infection and disease; and for the ability to repair bodily damage or injury’ (Nutrition Search Inc., Nutrition Alamanac, p.1)
In this light, we will appreciate that while germs and viruses do play a role in the onset of infectious diseases, in the truest sense they are not the primary causes of disease. As Doctor Hartley-Hennessey puts it, ‘Colds and flu are no more caused by germs and viruses than garbage is caused by flies.’ First comes the garbage, then come the flies. In the case of infection, first comes the impure state of the body and the compromised immune system (the primary cause), then come the germs and viruses etcetera (the secondary cause).
Disease always has a cause and that cause is all to often found in unwise eating and living habits that have undermined the body’s defence mechanisms, filled the system with toxins, unbalanced body chemistry and laid out the red carpet for disease. Poor diet (junk/ refined food etc.) is most certainly one of the major causes of disease today for the body’s vital reserves can never be in the way of refined white sugar, refined white rice, refined white pasta, refined hydrogenated fat (margarine and common cooking oils), and highly processed “junk” foods and drinks that are laced with sugar, preservatives and a multitude of food chemicals and additives.