Do you take the time to listen and really learn the lessons along the way, or are you too busy to even notice them and just rush on.  Life is funny sometimes; it will keep on teaching you the same lesson over and over again until you “get” it.

I have taken time out of my BUSY life for me the past year and really went within and discover a lot about myself, my belief systems.  I have questioned everything.  Really did a major clean up – not a small spring clean but a major EMOTIONAL clean out.

I stared to ask the questions but why do 95% of people who lose weight just pick it up again and to make the picture worse it usually is more than they have worked so hard to lose.  I have come to the conclusion that fat is only a protector.  It protects us from fear and anger.  If you look at the emotional factor of fat it is defined as follow –

Fat - Oversensitivity.  Often represents fear and shows a need for protection.  Fear may be a cover for hidden anger and a resistance to forgive

- Arms Anger at being denied love

- Belly Anger at being denied nourishment

- Hips Lumps of stubborn anger at the parents

- Thighs Packed childhood anger. Often rage at the father

Cellulite – Stored anger and self-punishment

(Hay, LL. 1988. Heal your Body: The Mental Causes of Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them. Hay House: California)

I started with myself.  I never been extremely overweight but I have always had cellulite ever since I became a teenager. I always had big thighs no matter how hard I have exercise.    I have managed to lose all my weight on the Fat Loss Lab program and managed to keep my weight down but my cellulite and thick thighs was always there….

I started by forgiving my father and today I can say that he and I have a wonderful relationship where if you asked me this question 1 year ago I would have told you I want nothing to do with him.  At that stage almost 22 years passed since I last saw him.

I went within and pull all my emotions apart.  I mastered a technique called EFT – Emotional Freedom technique and became an EFT practitioner in the process.  In my process I was thrown into the darkest black hole and just wanted to run away.  At one stage I even wanted to give up on life itself.  I have asked the question what is the use?

I started to help other people on this journey.  I received a wonderful testimonial about how this has changed one of my clients lives and realised I have hidden talents.  I have always cursed my emotions – I am a very sensitive person, when I accepted this wonderful gift my whole life started to change.  I realised that this God given talent can help people in healing.  Here I was in the middle of my tuff race with no resources and help but still access to a phone.  I sms one of my fellow friends, who was also becoming an EFT practitioner and told her, THIS is not working.  She sms me back telling me if I am not doing this it is going to be worse.  So I just kept on.  Thank God for sending angels along our path to keep us in the race.

Here I am writing to you today saying it was worth it.  It was not always easy and there were times I really wanted to run.  I am glad I did go through the process.  I embrace the change and now know that my future will be different because of this wonderful journey I took.

When you need to choose between 2 paths, do not choose the easy one.  That will lead you away from your destination.  Even worse, do not remain indecisive and remain where you are.  That will lead you nowhere.