This program has 2 rules

  1. Do not cheat
  2. Do not give up


Congratulations to Sylvia who has successfully completed our program.  This was her lessons learned on the program

What I have learned the past three months is this.


 “Our personal discipline is as strong as our intention to succeed.  It is by far the hardest thing to be true to ourselves”.


“Not to deviate is extremely hard and it takes all our energy to focus to remain determined one day at a time”.


“The endurance to engaging in this game with ourselves is the greatest challenge we can pursue”.


“My willpower can beat myself and teach my body that it is not ruling my mind and spirit altogether”.


“The body must submit to the discipline of the mind”.


“This lesson is not just one for the body but also a journey to the soul”.


“If you think you know yourself……..try to stick to this program 99%” (1% is human only).


“Excuses are as many as the days in the calendar”.


“We can always just blame ourselves for a lack of willpower if we do not succeed”.


“If I fall.  I pick myself up.  I dust myself down and I continue”.


“Wat nie vet maak – maak dood”.





You can do it to.